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2023-04-22 10:11:51 By : Ms. Shelly SHI

There are probably two reasons for the crystal oscillator not to vibrate. One is the software reason. If the program is wrong, the crystal oscillator will not start to vibrate.But if the configuration of cubeMX is correct, there should be no problem with the program. The crystal oscillator configuration of CubeMX is here: Of course, if the hardware is wrong, it will not start to vibrate. A little hardware problem: The minimum system used this time is as follows: The 8M crystal oscillator uses a 4-pin passive crystal oscillator.The soldering diagram is roughly like this: After the board arrived, it was found that there were no 22pF and 12pF, only 20pF.Actual measurement: 8Mhz crystal oscillator with two 20pF and one 1M ohm resistors cannot start to vibrate normally.The crystal oscillator system used in the final minimum system is shown in the figure below.If the crystal oscillator starts to oscillate normally, you can see a signal with a frequency of about 8Mhz in the oscilloscope, and you can see it on the pins of the two useful crystal oscillators, as shown in the figure below:

Xiaoyu383: May I ask the host that the result variables I made are all c1-C9, how do they correspond to my own variables? TPS53317RGBR

STM8S003F3P6TR Queen Elsa: TIM_PWM_Init_S6 (Frequence) is a timer PWM setting function; Delay_1ms (ms) is a millisecond-level software delay function.There are many references to these two on the Internet

Queen Elsa: The source code is lost...

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