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2022-05-20 06:57:45 By : Mr. Mike Xu

A man who jumped over a razor fence, allegedly with the intention to steal copper cables, was trapped and stuck on top of a live 20MVA transformer.

The man was heard screaming for help - and security guards at the substation called the emergency services.

He claimed he was thrown on the fence by municipal workers, but his shoes were found lying under another substation near the one he was found stuck on.

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Many parts of the area were left without electricity as a result of the man's actions.

Emfuleni municipality spokesperson Mojalefa Radebe said the man gained access by jumping a four-metre high razor fence at the back of the substation.

"He then climbed on a live 20MVA transformer in an attempt to steal copper wires. While attempting to vandalise, he was electrocuted. The transformer tripped, affecting parts of Vereeniging.

"Security guards then spotted him on top of the transformer. They immediately called our technicians, who swiftly responded," said Radebe.

Paramedics were called to the scene and the man was successfully removed from the transformer by a municipal employee. 

"He was taken to hospital by ambulance. He confessed to our colleagues at the scene that he was under the influence of drugs.

"Power has been restored to the affected areas," Radebe said.

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