5 Mva Power Transformer/SMD

5 mva power transformer/smd Technical parameter:Working frequency: 20-500KHzOutput power: 80-250WWorking temperature: -40ºC~125ºCStorage temperature: -25ºC~85ºCStorage moisture: 30~95%RM Transformers Features:1) Specially used in switching power supply and kinds of high-frequency circuit; 2)&nb

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5 mva power transformer/smd
Technical parameter:
  • Working frequency: 20-500KHz
  • Output power: 80-250W
  • Working temperature: -40ºC~125ºC
  • Storage temperature: -25ºC~85ºC
  • Storage moisture: 30~95%
RM Transformers Features:
1) Specially used in switching power supply and kinds of high-frequency circuit; 
2) Used in high-density installation with good shielding quality;
3) Plays a role in oscillating and separating; 
4) Small volume, light weight and nice appearance
5) High Frequency transformer suitable for EL/CCFL Inverter or DC/DC converter;
6) Wave carrier filter, power transformer and aux-power transformer;
7) Customized designs are accepted.

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5 Mva Power Transformer/SMD
We could make custom-design transformers according to your requirement. 
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Welcome your spec and sample to make custom-manufacturing.

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