S11 series amorphous alloy oil-immersed power transformer/distribution transformer/power distribution transformer

Company Introduction:Dehler Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high and low voltage switchgear, box type substation, cable branch box, outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, isolati

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Company Introduction:
Dehler Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing high and low voltage switchgear, box type substation, cable branch box, outdoor vacuum circuit breaker, isolation switch, grounding switch, load switch and low voltage components and other products.

The S11 type distribution transformer breaks the traditional laminated core structure and is manufactured into a three-phase seamless seam type iron core series transformer by ring core processing. The product has advanced performance, low noise (30dB), low loss (S11 is more than 20% lower than S9, S11-M is 30% lower than S9), and low no-load current (S11 is 70%-80% lower than S9) . The performance is all in line with and better than the requirements of GBI094 standard. This product is called high energy-saving and environment-friendly transformer. It is an ideal replacement product for customers. It is a high energy-saving transformer.

Features & Advantages :
1. Self-extinguishing and inflaming retarding, fire-proof and explosion-proof, pollution-free and no toxic gas being generated.
2. Excellent damp-proof performance, capable of working under 100% relative humidity and other harsh conditions, with no damp-removing measures needed.
3. Thin resin structure realizes chap-free surface and excellent heat-dispersion performance.
4. Great overload capability, capable of operating continuously under 110% overload conditions and in case of air forced cooling, operating continuously under150% overload conditions.
5. Nice appearance, small-size, less installation space occupation and low engineering cost.
6. Each performance index and technical specification excels those specified in China GB, international IEC or industrial standards.


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