Slavkaliy completes Nezhinskaya substation - Power Transformer News

2022-07-02 05:05:50 By : Mr. LiTao Yang

Belarusian mining operator IOOO Slavkaliy has connected the 110/10kV Nezhinskaya power substation to the electric grid, after completing construction work.

Thus, the Nezhinsky mining and processing factory that Slavkaliy is building, has acquired an additional permanent source of electricity. Electricity is transmitted from the Kaliynaya substation to the Nezhinskaya substation via a 110kV overhead power line built by Slavkaliy.

The project to supply the potash mining enterprise under construction with electricity has not been finished. Slavkaliy will build two more transformer plants for a local cogeneration plant later on. The construction of the cogeneration plant is supposed to begin this year. The installation of equipment the uninterrupted operation of the mine requires will begin this year as well.

The investment project provides for building one mining facility in addition to a processing plant, a gas turbine power plant for proprietary needs, railway infrastructure, automobile roads, housing infrastructure, and other kinds of infrastructure.

The construction of the Nezhinsky mining and processing factory began in 2017. IOOO Slavkaliy is in charge of implementing the project.

Photo (for illustrative purposes): potash with a US penny for scale / USGov / Wikimedia / Public domain

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